Invicta Watches Review

This web site is dedicated to providing reviews on relatively cheap Invicta watches for men and women on the internet. Our reviews take into account Invicta watch prices, quality and design to allow our readers to make an informed decision when deciding which model best suits them.

The Invicta collection features a diverse range of timepieces that vary greatly in price point, design and features. Our objective is to help explain the look, feel and technical aspects of each of the watches, and compare the differences between them so you can be confident that you're buying the right one for you.

Watches belonging to the same collection often look identical, yet vary greatly in price, we explain the reason behind their prices differences despite looking exactly the same. We do the research and find watches for sale prices, saving you both the time and energy in having to do it yourself.


Are Invicta Watches Good ?

Do you find yourself asking yourself "How good are Invicta time pieces?" We believe the answer is simply, yes, very good in fact. Some may say our opinion is biased, yet having conducted many reviews we believe that the brand is underrated and has some excellent time pieces, you just need to know which one to buy.

Our reviews have been written with the intention of bringing exposure to watches that offer the best quality and value. Sometimes without knowing the specific details of the movements and materials used, it is hard to tell whether a watch is good or bad. There is no denying that some people criticize the brand for being low quality, but what naysayers don't realize is that just because a watch is relatively affordable does not mean it is not high quality.

Many watches on this site feature build quality and Swiss movements that is comparable too timepieces that are six times as expensive, and let's be honest, this is great news as not everyone can or is willing to dish out thousands on a Rolex Submariner.


No one wants to spend more than they have to when buying any kind of product on-line, that is why we're committed to finding you cheap time pieces, so you don't spend any more money than you have too. Thankfully the internet is full of discount timepieces, all of the watches featured on this site have been reduced by a minimum of 50%.


The collection is vast and varied, and has something to offer everyone. Whether you're looking for elegant women's watches that exude sophistication, or a watch suitable for outdoor activities, you're guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for on this site. Due to the diversity of the collection, it can be quite confusing for the uninitiated to find a watch that best suits them. Our site is dedicated to making it easier for the reader to find which wristwatch best suits their tastes and requirements. We feature timepieces to match all demographics, whether it be for men, women or children.


Invicta truly live up to their Latin name meaning "Invincible". They offer great quality, style and durability for a price that won't break the bank. As aforementioned some of their watches are made to a high quality standard that rivals brands such as Rolex or omega but for a fraction of the price. An example of this would be the highly popular "Pro Diver" collection that are specialiy timepieces that match the "Rolex Submariner" in both build quality, movement and features but for a much more affordable price point.

Invicta is often criticized for mimicking other luxury brands when it comes to the designs of their watches. However the fact is their wrist watches often have more features and superior designs than the luxury brands the critics say they are copying.

Invicta manufactures a wide range of different watch collections each designed with a particular use or style in mind. Far from being mere copies of other luxury brand watches, Invicta wrist watches incorporate their own unique hallmark features into their designs that distinguish them from other brands on the market.

Invicta offers entirely Swiss made watches that are entirely made in a factory in Switzerland, as well as watches that are assembled, produced or both in factories in Asia. Swiss made watches generally command a more premium price, however all timepieces whether assembled in Europe or asia have been manufactured to a high standard of quality.

The Invicta collection consists of watches that use both Swiss and Japanese movements, for the most part Japanese movements are used on their lower end watches, however that is not saying the cheaper Japanese movements are worse. Japanese movements are just cheaper to produce, and there is a certain prestige attached to timepieces using Swiss parts due to the country's horological history.

Invicta is known for their quality movements, and all of their watches offers great accuracy and reliability. Some of the higher end watches use the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement that is the same movement used in watches from luxury brands such as Breitling, Omega and Oceanaut.